Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Wanted" Some Information

I was at our local post office this morning and just got around to noticing that they don't have wanted posters hanging in the post office anymore. They may have been gone for years but I have never noticed until now. I asked the Post Mistress, or Postress, or Postette, or whatever lady postmasters are called these days about it. She didn't know the reason, but she suggested it may be a privacy issue. That made sense to me since criminals are being coddled more and more these days. It is my contention that we can blame the bleeding heart liberals for that. In fact I blame the bleeding heart liberals for all the problems in the world. Why would I do this you may ask? It's because they are!!!!!

Having a "Grand" Time

Grand kids are a blast! My little grandson Ethan recently came to visit "Gonga's" (that's me) farm. He enjoyed visiting all of the animals we have around here, cats, dogs, horses, turkeys, cattle, etc. I can't wait until his sister, "Ally" is old enough to be in tow in my other hand. We are "sauntering" up the barn ramp to look at one of the tractors that Ethan really enjoyed sitting on. Ah, I envisioned him operating the tractor some day. Even better, helping us to bale hay!!!! It is really great having another generation, especially ones that can help bale hay someday! {;0)
"Gonga", the proud grandpa...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Nagging From Outer Space

In all my years of driving, it is not all unusual for me to get lost. For a guy, I have always had a terrible sense of direction. I have been driving for 43 years. WOW! Time certainly marches on! At any rate, because of my horrible sense of direction, I purchased a GPS device. Now I can program in an address, and it will guide me to my destination. It even talks to me. I programmed in my church address, and it got me there and back, without my getting lost even once during the whole 1.68 mile drive! It takes a little time for it to analyze driving habits. After analyzing mine, it is starting to say, "Hey dummy, turn left not right". (It sounds just like my ex wife used to.) If I take a wrong turn anyway, it automatically recalculates my route. After only 6 recalculations on my way to church, it finally told me, "Forget it, just keep going your way and get lost as usual, you're on your own!". Today I have some books to take back to the library, so I'm going to program in the library address and give it a try for the 1.2 mile drive. I just hope that today it will give me a break and recalculates any wrong turns without nagging me and calling me a dummy. If I'm fortunate, its memory is as short as mine is, but I doubt that will be the case so, as usual, I'm allowing at least 20 minutes to get to the library while wearing the same earplugs that I used for all my driving when I was married the first time. {;-)


Sunday, August 10, 2008

The First Accolade Of Our World Champion

The World Champion Belt Buckle just arrived for our horse's World Champion standing! When I wear it, I'll have to wear my suspenders to keep the buckle upright, it's heavy. More stuff will eventually arrive and I will post more pics. Hey, if anyone wants our stud horse to sire any of your foals, let me know. However, I must tell you that the stud fees won't be cheap!!! ;-))

Saturday, August 9, 2008


One of our show horses, "Beezer" became the World Champion in Dun Factor (Color Class) at the International Buckskin Horse World Show in Memphis this morning! I was the one that choose the stud for "Beezer". Now they will have to admit that I know what I'm talking about relative to the selective breeding of horses. Our trainers and the "experts" suggested another stud for our mare and I persisted with the stud that sired our World Champion. I just had to post this right away because I'm not right that often in anything! More information will follow this in a day or two. I will, of course, post the World Champion official picture as soon as I get it!!!! I have to post this now because I can't wait to say to all of the "experts", "See, I told you so"!!! ;0)