Friday, October 31, 2008

A "Sign" of the Past

On my famous web site, I wrote a story some time ago about a sign that was posted in our village about horses and riders keeping off the grass and sidewalk. This sign was posted when I was a kid and was necessary because so many of us had horses and we often came into town with our horses. This became a real nuisance to the town people. Apparently, the village council put up this sign to discourage us riders to keep out of town, or at least not ride on sidewalks and lawns. I must say that we just ignored these signs as we did other signs when we were kids. No one really caused any trouble about this since we have a rural village. I was raised with horses here on our family farm. In fact, I presently have 4 horses. I just can't imagine life without horses, dogs, and cats underfoot. I don't ride much anymore due to arthritis, but I used to ride in town from time to time just for old times sake. I got away with it because all the signs were taken down years ago. I guess everyone in town admitted to defeat. Besides, who doesn't like horses?

My brother was helping to tear down an old barn on our neighbor's farm the other day, and Lo and Behold, he found one of the old horse and rider signs!!! WOW, talk about making my day! No one knows how one of the old signs got in the barn, but the main thing is that I now have one. I'm going to put it up on my horse barn. What a "blast from the past".

Check out the sign find>>>

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Soap or Treat

Well, I see that tomorrow is Halloween already. My how time does fly! When I was a kid, I loved treat or treating. I still love the concept of trick or treating, although I haven't gone in years. Since I'm "flirting" with 60, I guess I could be arrested for impersonating a kid. Although all that know me know that I still act like a kid (on rare occasions that is).

I used to love to get all the candy to somewhat sate my sweet tooth, which I still have. Sometimes I would get an apple instead of candy and was disappointed, but all the rest of the candy offset that.

Although kids still go trick or treating these days, I have noticed over the years that Halloween has become a holiday more for adults than kids because there are so many parties that adults have these days. Another thing I haven't seen in years is kids soaping windows. I guess this lost art has gone the way so many others have that we did as kids. We used to love to soap windows from people who didn't give us any candy, hence the term trick or treat. If we really didn't like the person, instead of soap, we would use paraffin, which was much more difficult to remove from windows. If we REALLY had a grudge, we would soap the screens. This resulted in the trick that kept on giving because it was very difficult, if not impossible to clean a soap-streaked screen. Months later, the results of our vendetta were still evident. Alas, Halloween has never been the same since I was a kid.

For a more detailed description of our Halloween capers, you can read one of my famous stories on my world famous award winning web site. Check it out:
Happy Halloween...


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Things We Can't Live Without (today)

I recently went to a horse show and was going to be gone for the weekend. Since my Internet access is through microwave, I called my provider to report I would be shutting down my transmitter. If I don't do this, they call within a few minutes after it shuts down. I guess they want to find out if there is a technical problem. They really keep a close monitoring. Before I called them, I noticed that the Internet access was very slow. When I called customer service to mention I'd be shutting down the equipment, it took several calls to finally get through. Apparently, a whole lot of irate callers were inquiring what the problem was with the sudden slow service. When I called only to mention that I was shutting down the transmitting equipment for the weekend, the technician was ecstatic! I'm sure he was fielding several calls from other users regarding the inadequate Internet service. When he realized I wasn't calling about the service, he said if I were here, he would kiss me! I'm glad I wasn't there because people would talk. This problem happens now and then and if one waits a little while, the problem clears up. I guess all the other users haven't realized that yet.

It dawned on me how much we depend on the Internet these days. It also occurred to me that once upon a time the Internet was a luxury, now it is a necessity. It's odd how things that were once a luxury have become necessities. I remember when I was a kid that a riding lawnmower was a luxury owned only by people that had the money to purchase one. These days it seems everyone has a riding mower even when their lawns are the size of a postage stamp. Here again is yet another example of a luxury becoming a necessity. By the way, it takes me an hour to mow my big lawn with a push mower since I still don't have the "necessity" of a riding mower.

Of course, I could list dozens and dozens of things that were formerly luxuries that have now become necessities. I guess we all can by looking at our present day lives that are filled with "necessities".

Oh, I have to go now, my microwave just rang, and it is time to eat... ;-))

==Mike== {;-)

GPS Conspiracy? :-0

Those of us that have GPS devices figure we can never get lost and have faith in our GPS device to accurately get us where we are going. Or do they? Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Check this out:
Mike {:-]

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another Sure Way to Stop Spam

I have received quite a few emails from people all over the country thanking me for the computer tips and other entertaining stuff I have been posting. I had no idea that so many people read my Blog! Hey, don't you people have anything better to do???? ;-)

I have another guaranteed method to stop spam. I have been working on the hardware to do this. After much experimentation, I have finally perfected my sure fire spam filter. If you use this for all of your email, no spam will ever get through. I guarantee it! In fact, it is impossible for it to get through. Check out the photo below to see the details of my exclusive spam preventing hardware. The hardware is still in the beta stage at present. I'm testing different handle colors to see which one fits into modern decor. You can contact me to order my Sure Fire Spam Stopper. Just send me a check for $3,999.99. Please make sure your check is certified (like me) ;-o

::Mike:: {;-]

Mike's Sure Fire Spam Filter

Where's the Taffy?

I just received my copy of The Good Old Days magazine and they had a recipe for homemade taffy. This put a question into my mind; Whatever happened to Bonomo Turkish Taffy? All of we baby boomers will remember this delectable delight. I never knew why they called it "Turkish" taffy. Maybe taffy was invented in Turkey.

I remember when I was a kid how good it was. It kept dentists busy because it tended to pull out your fillings. Be that as it may, it tasted GOOD! It came in 4 flavors, chocolate (my favorite), vanilla, banana (my least favorite), and strawberry (my second least favorite). The first thing you did was to slap it on a hard surface to break it up into jagged pieces. Sometimes I would put it unopened on our fuel oil stove to soften it up. Now and then, I would leave it on top of the stove too long, and it became a big glob. I sure didn't want it that soft. It costs 5 cents and it seemed to be a huge bar. Of course, when you’re a kid everything seemed bigger because of what I call, "a kid's prospective". If I could find it now, from an "adult prospective" it probably would be the size of a "fun size" candy bar. I did some on line research and found that it was discontinued in the early 1980's due to, "changing tastes". I wished they had consulted with me first, because my taste for that stuff has never changed.

Alas, yet another "Gen X" conspiracy against baby boomers :-(
Blog Bonus! Hey fellow baby boomers (and non boomers), check out the swell video from YouTube. This will bring back some memories!

==Mike== {;-)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A "Breath of Fresh Air"

Greetings fellow Blog readers. This will be quick and short since I'm just about to leave for church. My day is starting out just great. I just received an email from one of my old classmates and it made my day. Although both of us are on the opposite ends of politics, we have been having intelligent exchanges of political opinions and ideas. This is exactly how it should be when we discuss politics. Thank you Jim, you "made my day"! Now as to some you other people I attempt to discuss politics with, take a lesson in the proper way to do that... ;-) I'm glad that I am full of "warm fuzzies" this morning because we had a hard frost last night and it was 28 degrees when I woke up at 5:30 this morning. I don't do cold well at all, but at least my insides are warm this morning. Hey Jim, lets continue this conversation in January when its below zero :-))

Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Disposing" of a Problem

Now, beloved readers, as promised, I will describe a guaranteed elimination of spam. We live in a disposable society, so why not be able to dispose of spam. As all of you know, spam is a real problem. The latest studies show that about 80% of email is spam and it is getting higher. As most of you know, spammers can get your email address when you post it on chat groups, news groups, Blogs (such as this one), when you order things on line, sign up for on line news letters, if you have a web site, etc. If you have a web site as I do, I get much more spam than people who don't have a web site. I did an experiment a while ago, and put one of my disposable email addresses on my web site. Less than 2 weeks later, I started getting spam with that address. Spammers use "spiders" and "botnets" to harvest email addresses from the Internet.

Now to the solution to all of this. If you use Yahoo Mail, you may already know about this solution, if not, read on. Yahoo Mail has a cool thing called, "Disposable Addresses". I don't know if other web email services have this since I only use Yahoo. In Yahoo Mail, go to your account and choose "Options" in the upper right hand corner. You will then see a list of email options. Choose "AddressGuard", and then follow the instructions. What this does is to create a "disposable" email address that is tied into your account and you will get email from your disposable address at your regular account "in" box. Set up a permanent primary email address, and then fill in the rest of it. What I do is when I sign up for an on line newsletter, etc, I put the web site name for the secondary email address.Let me illustrate, if I sign up for a newsletter, I will put the name of it in the disposable address. Let's take a fictional web site, if I sign up for the newsletter "Cockroach Chronicles" that is offered on a web site called,, I will put "cockroachchronicals" as part of my disposable email address. Then, if I should get spam with that address, I know from whence it came. To prevent any more spam, I just delete the address. If I desire to continue receiving the "Cockroach Chronicles" on line email newsletter, I just make up another disposable email address and update it on their web site. I have hundreds of "disposable" email addresses so far. Yahoo lets you make up to 500 disposable address, which should be sufficient for any of us. Although, I must admit that I am getting close to the limit due to all the news letters I get and membership in news groups, discussion groups, etc. They do add up, indeed.

Check out my example for this Blog. If you look on the bottom of the left column, you will see my disposable address for this Blog: Note that "zukeyjuice" is the permanent primary address, and "mikesblog" is the disposable secondary address. Maybe your Internet email service provides this service, if not then use Yahoo Mail. Give it a try and you will eliminate all of your spam problems, at least from where you used a disposable email, and you will know where the spam came from. Neat, don't 'cha think!

Oh, by the way. There is no way that anyone can get your permanent personal email address or your profile from your "disposable" address. This comes in handy for example when you are "flamed" by someone on a news group or if someone question's your parent's marital status before you were born, etc. You can then just delete the disposable address you used and not risk getting any nasty emails from anyone in the group.

If you desire, you can even opt to send email from your disposable address. I use this option while trying to have an intelligent discussion and debate with liberals on democrat Blogs and groups. Since liberals are totally incapable of intelligent debate, it is very easy to nail them on their incorrect, illogical and irrational argument's. Rather than intelligent answers (they never have any) to my arguments, I always get their inevitable angry personal attacks. When that happens, I can dispose of my email address to avoid being harassed by the "Brainless Liberal Lemmings" as I call them. Others refer to them as "Useful Idiots". The reason they can not have an honest debate about their beliefs is that their whole system is based on emotion and prior brainwashing instead of an intelligent, logical, empirical, epistemological, rational, and pragmatic base like conservatism is.

Yikes! I'm getting off on another one of my famous "side tracks"! I'll save this subject and thesis for future posts when I will explain the origin, methods, proliferation, methods of indoctrination, and dangers of liberalism and how by purposeful design and intent it will destroy our free enterprise system and our God given freedoms much sooner than you think. (Possibly as soon as November 4th of this year.) You won't want to miss my treatise affectively refuting liberalism - socialism. These two terms are synonymous and are an attempted semantic subterfuge for what they really are: communism. This presidential election is the most crucial one in our history and will decide if we remain a free republic or become a communistic satellite county. This is very very serious stuff, my beloved readers!!!
``MIKE`` {:-)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Even More Things Bill Gates Never Told You

My laptop computer came with Vista. There are some things I don't care for in Vista. It took awhile to customize it so it pretty much looks like Windows XP, which is a great OS in my humble opinion. My server has XP, which I certainly prefer compared to Vista. One of the biggest problems with Vista is the email system. With XP, all you have to do is click on an email link on any web page and up pops your email default program such as Yahoo, Gmail, etc. With Vista, when you click any web page email link, instead of your default email, up pops MS Hot Mail, which I don't think is so "hot". In XP, it is very easy to set your default email program. This is not possible with Vista. MS Hot Mail is "hard wired" in the system to only use Hot Mail and you cannot change it to your default email program. Believe me, I've tried. Aggravating to say the very least if your default email isn't Hot Mail!

So, what can you do if you can't use your default email program? Well, I have a way around this. Just right click on the email link on the web page and choose "copy shortcut". Then open your preferred email program and simply paste the email link into the "To" address line, then go from there. This will save you a lot of aggravation when you always see the Hot Mail program turn up all of a sudden. If you're like me (heaven help you), you love to find easy ways around the "system".

I hope this will save you some time and frustration. It sure did me. One caveat, since some email links have the subject line automatically filled in for proper routing, it may pay you to let Hot Mail come up just to check this. If that is the case, then simply copy the subject and paste it into your email program.

In a future post, I will show you a foolproof method GUARANTEED to avoid ALL spam when you post your email address on chat groups, news groups, email news letters, on line shopping web sites, etc. Bet you can't wait for that one, huh! {:-o
(*) Mike (*)

Fall Photo

Recently, I spotted these two beautiful kids at our stand checking out all of our pumpkins. I just couldn't resist taking a picture. In fact, they came to the farm for a visit that day. These two are the cutest kids I have ever seen in my life! I just thought I would share this with my many Blog readers. Hey! Wait a minute! I just noticed that these happen to be my grandkids, Ethan and Ally! How about that, I knew there was something familiar about them {;-)


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Answer to the Mystery!

I just received a comment from a guy who gave the link where they acquired my email address! There is indeed a data base of Navy veteran's email addresses. Will the wonders ever cease!
Thank you, Tom! Now as to the other 281,814 mysteries I need an answer for... {:-O

A Real Mystery!!!

I've always prided myself in saying that you can find anything on the Internet if you know how and where to look. Over the years, I have found things for people who were unsuccessful in finding things themselves on the Internet because I know where and how to look. The one thing that has always stumped me, though, is finding an email address for someone. If there is some super database with a directory of everyone's email on it, I sure haven't found it yet. This leads me to a real mystery. A while back, I received an email inviting me to a reunion of former crew members who served on my old ship, the Tattnall DDG 19, which was a guided missile destroyer. You don't want to know how long ago I got out of the Navy; even I don't want to know! Let's just say that the Tattnall was decommissioned several years ago. The big mystery to me is how they got my email. When I was in the Navy, it was long before email was even thought of, much less existed. As a former crew member, I could understand how they would know my name, but how did they know my email address? As far as I know, even the Navy doesn't know my email address, so how did they get it???? To the best of my knowledge, I've never emailed any of my old shipmates. Maybe they found that elusive email database that has everyone's name and email address for everyone in the world. I wish now that I would have saved that email and replied and ask how they got it. I guess they must know something I don't. But then again, most people know some things I don't, so what's one more thing.

Monday, October 13, 2008

More Things Bill Gates Never Told You

In my job with the County Engineer's Department, I had both fieldwork and a WHOLE LOT of paper work. Alas, the perils of having a government job. I had hundreds of documents in Word and Excel. By default, I was the office expert in Excel since I used it daily and sometimes nightly when I had deadlines. In compiling hundreds of worksheets in Excel with several lines of the same entry, I found it too much trouble and time consuming to use the "copy" method of left clicking the mouse and dragging to copy only a few lines down the column. I always disliked having to move my hands off the keyboard when I was on a roll. However, I found a much quicker keyboard shortcut. When you need to copy the above information in a column, just hold Ctrl and hit the " key. The above information will automatically be copied to the line below. It sure is easier to do this, than to keep dragging for only a few lines. As far as I know, I've never seen this shortcut in any manual. This shortcut will greatly benefit all office workers, especially those of you who work for the government because you will now have more time for coffee breaks. {;-)

+) Mike (+

Fall Has Finally Fallen

Is it my imagination, or is fall late this year. As shown in the photo, the leaves in our woods are finally starting to change colors today Oct. 13. It seems that in past years they started to change color in mid September. What is especially odd about this is that after a summer drought, as we had this year, the leaves change and start to fall even earlier. In any event, it seems as though they turned color overnight. Ah Huh! I have it! It is a scientific fact that leaves change color as a result of shorter days and less sunlight and more hours of darkness, which somehow signals them to turn color and fall off. Since they keep moving Day Light Savings Time later and later (this year it ends November 2), there is less darkness and thus the leaves change later. Hey, you cannot argue against that kind of logic. (I'm not even sure I can argue that kind of logic, but it sure explains it). {;-)


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Things Bill Gates Never Told You

As the sub title to my Blog states, "Now and then you may find something actually useful here", I have discovered some nifty shortcuts for computing that I either haven't seen anywhere else or have discovered on my own. Take for example Microsoft Internet Explorer which most of us use. I was getting tired of entering the entire web address of web sites that aren't in my "Bookmarks". I have found that all you have to do is to enter the main URL. For example, if I have a web site URL I would like to go to such as:, most everyone types in the whole thing i.e. I have found a way that fills in the "www" and ".com for you. Simply type in the main URL GetBentTurkey, and then hold Ctrl and hit Enter, and the www. and .com are automatically added, thus saving you the trouble of always having to enter the whole URL! Give it a try and you will be amazed at the time and typing you will save. I have not seen this shortcut anywhere else, not even in the "shortcuts" in the I.E. Explorer help. I don't recall when or how I found this out, probably when I was entering a web site address and the cat walked on the keyboard. One thing though, it doesn't work for .org or anything other then .com. However, I am confident I will eventually find a way for those too. It shouldn't take too long because the cat quite often walks on my keyboard when I am typing.

Another cool shortcut that I discovered (OK, I found this out from someone else) is labeling photos. How many of us have hundreds of digital photos of our grandkids, pet cockroaches, or of Aunt Hortense's visit, etc. that we haven't labeled because it takes too much time and effort to label each one separately. Most of us, including me, never seem to get around to laboriously individually labeling all those photos and as a result, they end up unlabeled in some folder hidden in the dusty recesses of our hard drives. Rejoice digital photo shutterbugs! I have a cool shortcut for you to label all of your photos at once! Simply go to the folder that has all of your pics and select all of the ones you want to label for each event or whatever. After you have selected all of them go to the first one and hit "rename", then label it with the name, such as, My Tour of the Moose Jaw Alaska Landfill.jpg, etc. Then just click in a blank area of the screen and Presto! all of your pics are labeled with the title and the chronological number. It will look like this: My Tour of the Moose Jaw Alaska Landfill.jpg (2), (3), etc. On thing though, be sure to add .jpg in the first photo name, or it won't work. I found this out the hard way.

Well, dear Blog readers, I hope this will help you. You will not only rejoice in the timesaving of things you have been putting off, but you will also astound your friends who will think you are a computer genius (like me)! See, if you read my Blog long enough, you do indeed find something occasionally useful. Hey, 1 out of 2,914 postings "ain't" bad huh! I have MANY other time saving shortcuts I have discovered. However, I will only occasionally list some in future Blog postings. After all, I have to give people some RATIONAL reason to keep reading my Blog.


From Nouns to Verbs

I've noticed over the years the trend of using nouns in a verbal form. Of course, we all remember from High School English that a noun is a person, place, or thing and a verb shows action. WOW! I actually remember something from High School! Will the wonders never cease! Take for instance what I consider of earliest instance of this phenomenon. The word "party" is a noun and means to get together at a party and have a good time, in some instances let revelry go uninhibited. Not that I have ever been to a party like this. These days instead of someone saying that we went to a party, they say we "partied" last night, which is a classic case of a noun being used as a verb. Another more contemporary use is to look something up on Google. These days someone says that they "Googled" something. By the way, the name "Google" sounds like a baby coined the term. Actually, as only I would do, I researched this and found out the following:

Sean and Larry, the founders of "Google were in their office, using the whiteboard, trying to think up a good name - something that related to the indexing of an immense amount of data. Sean verbally suggested the word "googolplex," and Larry responded verbally with the shortened form, "googol" (both words refer to specific large numbers). Sean was seated at his computer terminal, so he executed a search of the Internet domain name registry database to see if the newly suggested name was still available for registration and use. Sean is not an infallible speller, and he made the mistake of searching for the name spelled as "," which he found to be available. Larry liked the name, and within hours, he took the step of registering the name "" for himself and Sergey (the domain name registration record dates from September 15, 1997). So there you have it just in case you were curious like I was or you would like to impress your friends the next time you "party".

Oh, by the way, I believe I am the first to convert a noun into a verb way back in 1953 when I was 4 ½. Check out the article from the Berlin Call Newspaper shown above. This is yet more proof that I never follow trends, I start them...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A "Beacon" of Hope

Although I mentioned this in my last Blog entry, I have decided not to write about the dangers of cell phone use since it is too depressing and I've grown weary of always being right :-) Therefore, I would like to think about beacons. A beacon is a giant spotlight that reflects light from the clouds. To the southwest of my place, I can see the small beacon at the Huron County Airport rotating and shining at night. This reminded me of when I was a kid. Some nights we would see a big beacon light rotating and emitting a narrow very intense light bean aimed at an angle to the sky. We asked our Dad what it was and he said it was a beacon that was used to advertise a store grand opening or a sale of some sort. It was supposed to raise the curiosity of people to go see where its source was and to hopefully to patronize the business. We never got to go see the source of the light which was always very disappointing to me. Sadly, they don't use these anymore. I sure wished they did because now I would go check out the source. The beacon light was always both scary and fascinating to me. It was especially cool when it reflected off the clouds on a cloudy night. Gee, I sure wish they would bring these back so it would add some intrigue at night. Alas, yet another thing you don't see anymore from the good old days...
:: Mike ::