Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Latest Facebook Video!

Due to popular request by some of my loyal fans who are not on Facebook.com yet (shame on you), I am posting my latest video of my Berlin Local School, Berlin Heights, OH Memories series. This and several others of my videos are posted on my Berlin Heights and Berlin Heights Alumni Facebook Groups.

I could withhold these videos from you non Facebook members, but to show you I’m a regular guy, I have posted it for you. (“Ain’t” I a swell guy).

Check it out…

Friday, April 17, 2009

Eureka! It Was Not a Dream!!!

Being a typical "Baby Boomer", I am always on constant vigilance looking for anything from the "Good Ole Days" or a reasonable facsimile there of. This morning I made a marvelous discovery at, of all places, the small neighborhood supermarket in Huron where I shop!

While scanning the shelves bulging with the typical present day boring cloned tasteless soft drinks that come only in cans, my cynical 6-decade-old eyes came to a screeching halt on GLASS bottles of Grape Nehi! After making sure it was not a dream and recalling that I took my morning lithium dose, I inadvertently yelled out, "Oh my goodness, its grape Nehi!!!" Occasional extemporaneous mild out bursts of this nature are certainly no surprise to the store people since they are used to me. However, one Gen X lady customer looked somewhat bewildered and very warily looked at me with an "I hope he's harmless grin".

The ingredients are the same and it is made with sugar and not the goofy corn syrup that all pop (soda to my Northeast friends, and you KNOW who you are) is made with these days.

My first slow glorious sip of this bottle of "Nectar of the Baby Boomers" was an instant magical flashback to the days when pop (aka soda) was really good! It "ain't" cheap, but I did my patriotic duty to stimulate both the economy and my old brand pop (soda) depraved gullet. For the first time in my life, I am going to be looking forward to going grocery shopping!!!!!

Now if I could just find a pack of Blackjack gum to chew while on those short trips in a 1957 two door Chevy to "Baby Boomer Paradise"! I will certainly make it a point to meet with the store manager next time. I am POSITIVE he will say, "The Blackjack gum is right next to the Grape Nehi".

Rats! Its 4:30 and I missed my noon Lithium dose! Oh well, maybe Blackjack gum would not go very well with Grape Nehi anyway...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Now the Whole World Knows! Yikes!

I've been having a blast on Facebook and YouTube lately. For you facebook members (and future members), I started some FB Groups: Berlin Heights Residents Past and Present:

And Berlin Heights High School Alumni 1950 - 68:

I also have Video Stories on my Group and YouTube. For you non Facebook users, here's a sample of one story on YouTube (There are 3 of them so far. Search YouTube under: "Berlin Local School" to see the rest of them.