Friday, May 15, 2009

“Thumb Driving”

I purchased something the other day that is both a marvel of Japanese electronic engineering and Chinese construction. It is what is commonly known as a “Thumb drive”. Most of you readers no doubt know what these little gems are for, but if not; they are used to store digital information. It is just a simple matter of plugging this little gadget into a USB port of any computer and downloading files. It can then be used to transfer the files to another computer, or if you wish, store the information.

This little marvel has saved me from having to burn information from my desktop server onto a CD then having to transfer it to my laptop. When I have completed this, I then have a used CD that I either have to throw away or fly like a Frisbee into our fields. The one thing I will miss, however, is flying the CD into the field, but technology and convenience are the order of the day. Alas, advanced technology trumps fun in any form.

The one I have holds 2 gigabytes of information. When I observe how small the thing is, I have to wonder how all that information can possibly fit into it. I wonder if it compresses it like compressed air. If this is the case, then I have fears for my safety. If I should accidently drop it or if the cat should start playing with it and it falls on the floor, will it explode and kill the cat and/or me with 2 billion pieces of digital shrapnel? I can see it now, I’d have to go to the local emergency room and wait while some intern spends days removing all those 2 billion “1’s” and “0’s from all over my body!

I’m surprised that the instructions do not have any warnings about this.
For example:

NEVER attempt to use this product without first taking extreme safety measures to prevent this product from falling on the floor. This could cause an explosion of data that can injure, maim, or kill both people and curious cats. Do not attempt to use this product unless you are wearing a flack vest. Please keep all children and pets at least 829 feet away from the work area.

In the event this product does fall on the floor and doesn’t explode, call your local law enforcement bomb disposal squad immediately and move all people, children, pets, and valuables at least 1,061 feet away from the affected area.

Oh well, I guess this is the price one has to pay for convenience and not being able to have fun with used CDs.
The picture shows me taking precautions before using my thumb drive. For safety, I'm going to use it outside on my new deck.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

“All Hands on Deck”

Ah yes, a blast from the past from my Navy days. After 15 years of talking about it, we are finally building a deck. Its not that we have put it off, it is because at my age, I don’t rush into things like I used to. I only grocery shop once every 6 months because I want to make sure my shopping list is complete before rushing off all half cocked, which is better than half baked which is my natural tendency.

My nephew is constructing it and is only charging me $6.28 cents per hour labor, or $24.61 if I help. In my younger days, I would have built my deck myself. In those days, I didn’t know how to do things like that, but just went ahead and did them anyway. I don’t have the confidence to do things like that now because now not knowing how to do something prevents me from doing it. Old age plays tricks like that on me.

We have plans to throw some home grown 2 inch thick Angus steaks on the gas BBQ grill; plop ourselves down at our patio table with a big umbrella, tune the XM satellite radio to the 60’s channel and turn it up loud (we have no close neighbors), and feast on our own natural beef. I do still have confidence to do that, at least for now. As I get older and realize that I don’t know how to BBQ steaks, I will hire some Yuppie from a new subdivision to come and BBQ our steaks for us. They seem to have a natural talent for BBQing steaks and getting rid of crabgrass. All I’ll need to supply him are the steaks and an apron that says, “Head Chef”.

In the meantime, the sweet aroma of our own natural home grown 2 inch thick Angus steaks will be wafting from my brand new gas BBQ grill sitting on my brand new deck. I will enjoy my steaks in spite of the fact that I don’t know how to BBQ nor will I notice all the crab grass surrounding my new deck… At least for the time being…
M. {;-)