Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Time" for Another Entry

Is it my imagination, or does the time change date keep getting later? It seemed when I was a kid, the time change to EST was in early October now it's early November. Be that as it may, I'm starting the "fall behind" clock settings early this time. I have already changed the easy ones which includes the vehicles and the bedroom digital clocks. The reason I have to get at least a 10-hour head start is that I have so many of them to change. Here's a list that I can think of at the moment, there may be more added later that I forgot about:

1. The kitchen wall clock

2. The electric range clock

3. The microwave clock

4. The Jeep clock

5. The living room DVD player clock

6. The 2 bedroom clocks

7. The DVD player in the bedroom

8. The living room wall clock

9. Ava's wristwatch

10. The clock on the VCR tape player (Yeah, I still have a few of those relics lying around).

11. The short wave radio clock

Fortunately, the other clocks change the time themselves.

I have not worn a wristwatch in years. I don’t need to because starting in the kitchen where I am happily pounding away at the computer keys, I can see the current time in the following devices:

1. Desktop computer

2. Laptop computer

3. Short wave radio

4. Electric range

5. Microwave

6. Cell phone

7. Brinks Alarm Console

8. Caller ID machine

9. The phone call router (This little gem is a product of modern technology to eliminate junk calls. I'll describe this wonder of American engineering and Chinese construction some other time).

10. Cordless phone

11. Kitchen wall clock

12. Voice mail machine

The living room:

1. Wall clock

2. TV clock

3. DVD player clock

4. Cordless phone clock

5. The wireless weather station clock (This has an atomic clock which is self setting and is accurate to something like .0000000009999 second every million years or so, which I guess is close enough for me. However, during a nuclear attack, it will probably end up a few billionths of a second off).

6. Ava's wristwatch, that I never see her take off. (I think she was born with it on her wrist)


1. The vehicle clock

2. The cell phone

The bedroom:

1. Alarm clock

2. The other alarm clock

3. TV clock

4. DVD player clock

5. VCR tape player clock

Let's see, that's 23 clocks so far. I'm SURE there are more, but I will think of them about 2 seconds after I post this Blog entry. I always lament the fact that they never give the time on the radio anymore, but then it dawned on me... Why should they? It would be redundant with so many clocks around us! Well, it's "time" I posted this and get back to setting all the timepieces around here an hour back. I want to beat the rush and not have to get up at 2:00 AM to do it. Later.....


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Season "Reruns"

When I was a kid, I always hated to see reruns on TV every summer. I always figured the TV people were too lazy to make programs all year round. Of course in those innocent childhood days I didn't know about vacations and budgets and the need for actors and crews to take breaks. I know about all those things now from an adult perspective. I just don't have the ambition lately to make any new brilliant Blog entries as a result of my gift of imagination and originality, hence, I shall now offer a Blog "rerun" sort of speak.

Since Halloween is tomorrow, which is very difficult to believe, I offer on old Halloween story from the dusty old story vault on my web site...

I trust the next time you, my faithful readers, will be able to peruse a new original and brilliant post to ponder...


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Making the "Grade"

I recently found my grade card from the 1st grade. It was on the bottom of an old dust covered box. You never know what you're going to find in old dust covered boxes, it is always an adventure. Sometimes I actually find something that solves an old mystery such as the instructions I lost back in the 1970s for the Rubik's Cube I had. I could never figure out how to solve it, but I always had the excuse that I lost the instructions.

If you will note, you will see that there are both regular letter grades, and "S" grades which as the key states mean "Satisfactory Attitudes". I noticed that I got an "S-" in neatness. I didn't even know "Satisfactory Attitude" grades could get a "-". Frankly, I'm very surprised I didn't always get a "U-" for my appearance due to a persistent cowlick I've always had. I've always had an unkempt appearance due to my curly unfettered hair that has never been able to be tamed by man nor beast. The only time my hair ever looked the least bit acceptable was when they shaved it all off in Navy Boot camp. That sure took care of the cowlick! I also have a perpetual ruddy appearance due to a life long heavy dark beard which is the result of an over abundance of testosterone.

Fortunately, Mrs. Hahn showed mercy and I was "Assigned to Grade 2". For 12 years, I always looked with extreme trepidation every time I checked the bottom line, and was always relieved to see that I was assigned to the next higher grade! Frankly, I believe the teachers didn't want to have to spend another whole school year with me, so they shunted me off to the next higher grade teachers. At the teachers' coffee time after school when they talked about all of their incorrigible students, I'm sure they said in a sarcastic tone to the lower grade teacher, "Thanks a lot for sticking us with Mike; you are permanently banned from my Christmas card list!"(The rest of my grade card that has the regular letter grades is on the reverse side. I wasn't sure how the Blog page would react with 2 photos uploaded since I have never attempted it before. In my younger days I would have tried it, but in my older years I don't have the sense of adventure to live in the fast lane any more).

I shall look forward to finding more dust-covered boxes and discovering what other treasures lay therein. Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be interesting and will provide more material for my next Blog entry.

Later... ~MiKe~

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Obsessing on Obsessions

Well, once again I have torn my self away from Facebook long enough to make another rare Blog entry…. I had to go check FB just now to see if I had an answer to my last post. It’s a good thing there is no real-time in posting, or the post would take a long time to read with all the breaks in them with me getting sidetracked so easily.

My latest interest (OK, obsession if you will) is taking photos for It is a cool web site that has memorials and pictures of cemetery headstones. There are famous people and just regular people. I have put most of my family and relation on it. It’s home base in Salt Lake City, so I suspect it is sponsored by the Mormons since they are very much experts on genealogy. It is a good source for genealogical studies.

What has been taking a lot of my time and interest lately is that I’m a volunteer photographer for it too. I check the requests that people send in requesting photos of head stones of family members in the cemeteries in my area. I then go out and try and find them and upload photos. I have provided about 47 photos for families. The messages I get from appreciative families really make my day. I have been in dozens of area cemeteries and have seen literally thousands of head stones.

Its fascinating work and none of my subjects ever complain. I can work when I want to and take as long as I want to photograph head stones. It’s just like the government job I retired from so I feel right at home.

If I’m not on Facebook, I am probably out head stone hopping in some area cemetery. Between the 2 of them, updated postings here will no doubt still be few and far between. But I believe in quality more than quantity. Hmmmm, this sounds like as good an excuse as any. Now I must run and check FB and to check on the latest…….

Thursday, June 3, 2010

“The Circle is Now Complete”

I quoted the line from Darth Vader to celebrate the fulfillment of the dream of all Three Stooges Fans, of which I so proudly hale. After 51 years they finally have all 190 Three Stooges shorts remastered and in chronological order on DVD! They have, of course, had them for years on Video and DVD, and of course I have them all, but never in chronological order and digitally remastered! I just received the final volume this morning. I will watch the last 32 shorts on volume 8 with “mini Three Stooges Marathons” as I often do. This is indeed a major accomplishment and one I hoped would be accomplished in my life time. Don’t expect to see many of us Three Stooges fans for the next few days. We shall be basking in “Three Stooges Paradise”. NYUK NYUK NYUK!!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

An Old Dream Fullfilled

My goodness, I see that I've been neglecting my Blog as usual! It's hard to believe that Memorial Day is a week from today! As usual, I am looking forward to the Memorial Day parade in my small rural home town. I am a member of our American Legion Color Guard but due to arthritis in the hips and every other major joint, this year I'm going to do only 1/2 of the parade route to the cemetery.

I am definitely NOT growing old gracefully. I remember when I was a kid and watched the Memorial Day parade, I said to myself someday I will be a Legionnaire and march with the veterans. I have been doing that for several years now. I remember the first year I fulfilled that desire and marched with the vets I watched as a kid. It was a feeling of a life long dream fulfilled that I will never forget. In those days my Navy dress blues fit with room to spare. Now they hang in the closet under a thick coating of years of dust build up. In those days when I was a kid, the World War I veterans would always ride to the cemetery, then the World War II veterans started to ride, then the Korean War vets. Now veterans my age are starting to ride to the cemetery. Time sure plays some subtle tricks.

I'm sure some of the kids who will watch us veterans march in the Memorial Day parade next Monday will have the same dreams I did, to someday march with the veterans in the American Legion. They will remember the "old veterans" that had to ride in cars to the cemetery because the march was too long for their arthritic laden joints. I will wave at them out the car window on the way to Memorial Drive this Monday and think back to the time I was on the sidewalk watching and dreaming what seemed to be just a "few" years ago.