Thursday, August 12, 2010

Obsessing on Obsessions

Well, once again I have torn my self away from Facebook long enough to make another rare Blog entry…. I had to go check FB just now to see if I had an answer to my last post. It’s a good thing there is no real-time in posting, or the post would take a long time to read with all the breaks in them with me getting sidetracked so easily.

My latest interest (OK, obsession if you will) is taking photos for It is a cool web site that has memorials and pictures of cemetery headstones. There are famous people and just regular people. I have put most of my family and relation on it. It’s home base in Salt Lake City, so I suspect it is sponsored by the Mormons since they are very much experts on genealogy. It is a good source for genealogical studies.

What has been taking a lot of my time and interest lately is that I’m a volunteer photographer for it too. I check the requests that people send in requesting photos of head stones of family members in the cemeteries in my area. I then go out and try and find them and upload photos. I have provided about 47 photos for families. The messages I get from appreciative families really make my day. I have been in dozens of area cemeteries and have seen literally thousands of head stones.

Its fascinating work and none of my subjects ever complain. I can work when I want to and take as long as I want to photograph head stones. It’s just like the government job I retired from so I feel right at home.

If I’m not on Facebook, I am probably out head stone hopping in some area cemetery. Between the 2 of them, updated postings here will no doubt still be few and far between. But I believe in quality more than quantity. Hmmmm, this sounds like as good an excuse as any. Now I must run and check FB and to check on the latest…….

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