Saturday, October 30, 2010

Season "Reruns"

When I was a kid, I always hated to see reruns on TV every summer. I always figured the TV people were too lazy to make programs all year round. Of course in those innocent childhood days I didn't know about vacations and budgets and the need for actors and crews to take breaks. I know about all those things now from an adult perspective. I just don't have the ambition lately to make any new brilliant Blog entries as a result of my gift of imagination and originality, hence, I shall now offer a Blog "rerun" sort of speak.

Since Halloween is tomorrow, which is very difficult to believe, I offer on old Halloween story from the dusty old story vault on my web site...

I trust the next time you, my faithful readers, will be able to peruse a new original and brilliant post to ponder...


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Making the "Grade"

I recently found my grade card from the 1st grade. It was on the bottom of an old dust covered box. You never know what you're going to find in old dust covered boxes, it is always an adventure. Sometimes I actually find something that solves an old mystery such as the instructions I lost back in the 1970s for the Rubik's Cube I had. I could never figure out how to solve it, but I always had the excuse that I lost the instructions.

If you will note, you will see that there are both regular letter grades, and "S" grades which as the key states mean "Satisfactory Attitudes". I noticed that I got an "S-" in neatness. I didn't even know "Satisfactory Attitude" grades could get a "-". Frankly, I'm very surprised I didn't always get a "U-" for my appearance due to a persistent cowlick I've always had. I've always had an unkempt appearance due to my curly unfettered hair that has never been able to be tamed by man nor beast. The only time my hair ever looked the least bit acceptable was when they shaved it all off in Navy Boot camp. That sure took care of the cowlick! I also have a perpetual ruddy appearance due to a life long heavy dark beard which is the result of an over abundance of testosterone.

Fortunately, Mrs. Hahn showed mercy and I was "Assigned to Grade 2". For 12 years, I always looked with extreme trepidation every time I checked the bottom line, and was always relieved to see that I was assigned to the next higher grade! Frankly, I believe the teachers didn't want to have to spend another whole school year with me, so they shunted me off to the next higher grade teachers. At the teachers' coffee time after school when they talked about all of their incorrigible students, I'm sure they said in a sarcastic tone to the lower grade teacher, "Thanks a lot for sticking us with Mike; you are permanently banned from my Christmas card list!"(The rest of my grade card that has the regular letter grades is on the reverse side. I wasn't sure how the Blog page would react with 2 photos uploaded since I have never attempted it before. In my younger days I would have tried it, but in my older years I don't have the sense of adventure to live in the fast lane any more).

I shall look forward to finding more dust-covered boxes and discovering what other treasures lay therein. Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be interesting and will provide more material for my next Blog entry.

Later... ~MiKe~