Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Time" for Another Entry

Is it my imagination, or does the time change date keep getting later? It seemed when I was a kid, the time change to EST was in early October now it's early November. Be that as it may, I'm starting the "fall behind" clock settings early this time. I have already changed the easy ones which includes the vehicles and the bedroom digital clocks. The reason I have to get at least a 10-hour head start is that I have so many of them to change. Here's a list that I can think of at the moment, there may be more added later that I forgot about:

1. The kitchen wall clock

2. The electric range clock

3. The microwave clock

4. The Jeep clock

5. The living room DVD player clock

6. The 2 bedroom clocks

7. The DVD player in the bedroom

8. The living room wall clock

9. Ava's wristwatch

10. The clock on the VCR tape player (Yeah, I still have a few of those relics lying around).

11. The short wave radio clock

Fortunately, the other clocks change the time themselves.

I have not worn a wristwatch in years. I don’t need to because starting in the kitchen where I am happily pounding away at the computer keys, I can see the current time in the following devices:

1. Desktop computer

2. Laptop computer

3. Short wave radio

4. Electric range

5. Microwave

6. Cell phone

7. Brinks Alarm Console

8. Caller ID machine

9. The phone call router (This little gem is a product of modern technology to eliminate junk calls. I'll describe this wonder of American engineering and Chinese construction some other time).

10. Cordless phone

11. Kitchen wall clock

12. Voice mail machine

The living room:

1. Wall clock

2. TV clock

3. DVD player clock

4. Cordless phone clock

5. The wireless weather station clock (This has an atomic clock which is self setting and is accurate to something like .0000000009999 second every million years or so, which I guess is close enough for me. However, during a nuclear attack, it will probably end up a few billionths of a second off).

6. Ava's wristwatch, that I never see her take off. (I think she was born with it on her wrist)


1. The vehicle clock

2. The cell phone

The bedroom:

1. Alarm clock

2. The other alarm clock

3. TV clock

4. DVD player clock

5. VCR tape player clock

Let's see, that's 23 clocks so far. I'm SURE there are more, but I will think of them about 2 seconds after I post this Blog entry. I always lament the fact that they never give the time on the radio anymore, but then it dawned on me... Why should they? It would be redundant with so many clocks around us! Well, it's "time" I posted this and get back to setting all the timepieces around here an hour back. I want to beat the rush and not have to get up at 2:00 AM to do it. Later.....