Monday, August 15, 2011

Bumper Stickers Revisited...

My goodness! I noticed that the last time I posted on here was April! I guess my New Year's Resolution to post more Blog stuff is found lacking.

Well, let's see what fascinating entry I can conger up.
I recently acquired another one of my all time favorite vehicles, (other than a 1957 Ford which stems from my Baby Boomer genes). I have another Ford Ranger. It's a 2001 with just over 100,000
miles which is low for a 2001 Ranger. Now I have my 2 favorite modern vehicles: a Jeep Wrangler and a Ford Ranger. Now I can haul bags of horse feed in the truck bed and not in the rear of the Jeep. I love the smell of molasses horse sweet feed, but all the little pieces of oats and corn that amass on the rear Jeep carpet were getting aggravating.

Now I (finally) come to my main thesis of this Blog post. Shortly after I got the truck, I went out to find a bumper s
ticker for it. I seem to have a bumper sticker compulsion, (so what's one more).

Freshly applied bumper sticker on my Ranger (A reminder of my Navy days)

I wrote a story about bumper stickers on my web site a few years ago. I can just save time and post the link so I can keep this entry short. HEE HEE. The story link:

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