Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blog Entry 2.0

I decided to blow the dust off my old Blog that was once teaming with daily and twice daily postings. I noticed that almost a year ago practically to the day I made a MEMO to myself to post entries more often. Well, I see I didn't keep that intent. Maybe I had better do that now since it appears I will get yearly reminders from my deepest subconscious mind to post something. My problem is that Facebook still has me in its powerful grip.

I noticed that since I was here a year ago, sometime during that time they changed the format of Blog entries. They call it "improvements"- I call it aggravation due no doubt to the desire to keep all their software engineers employed. It is somewhat more difficult to navigate the site now. I've noticed that on several web sites these days. It is a trend to make things more complicated. Either it is a major conspiracy or I'm getting older and can't figure things out like I used to. Wait.... I'm sure it's a major conspiracy. I don't like to ever admit I'm getting older and slower. At least I will admit I'm not growing old gracefully.

I shall add more later. Hmmm, "later" could be a year from now or maybe sooner. I shall see....
Mike :-)

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