Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My How Time Flies!!!

My goodness! I just now thought about my Blog and noticed it has been almost 2 years since I have posted anything! This is due to the fact that I am still obsessed with Facebook and that I’m at that age of not being able to mutitask anymore. Recently I gave up chewing gum and walking at the same time since I kept forgetting to chew or, if I chewed, I stopped walking. When I was much younger, I could be reading a book, watching T.V., and eat at the same time. Now I have to either do only one task at a time, or not do anything, which I am an expert at since I retired.

Oddly enough, some things I do involuntary and can at those times multitask. For example, ever since Navy Basic Training (or Boot Camp for you landlubbers), I find myself keeping in step when following someone who is walking. Another Navy habit I have to this day is eating fast and making sure my “gig line” is perfectly aligned. (A “gig line” is having your fly hem and shirt buttons hem perfectly aligned and belt buckle perfectly centered. Since I am obsessive compulsive by nature anyway, I don’t find these types of things too worrisome. The Navy did not make me that way; I already was long before and after that. However, it did indeed cause many obsessive compulsions that will dog me the rest of my life. Oh well, at least in these instances I can blame something else. As Curly, one of the Three Stooges used to say, “I’m a victim of circumstance”. NYK NYK NYK

Well, I will not bore you, my beloved readers, with a list of all my obsessive compulsions. My psychiatrist already has had to buy another file cabinet to hold all my patient session records.

Eureka! I have completed a task that has been long neglected! Now, back to Facebook! See ya in another 2 years…
MiKe :-)