Monday, May 21, 2018

“Short Hand” Approach

Hmmm, after years of neglecting my Blog and obsessing on Facebook, now I’m back to my obsession with my Blog! Alas, no doubt the result of needing a change or readjustment in my meds again. Bipolar treatment is not an exact science as I have found by empirical evidence over the years and meds are administered on a purely pragmatic basis. Some meds work to some extent for a while, and then seem ineffective in time. Over the decades my past med list looks like a pharmacy inventory. Be that as it may, here is my now daily latest Blog entry:

I recently purchased another pad of paper for my grocery list. For years I have always used Steno Pads for my list and continue to do so. However, I have noticed the past few years when I purchase a Steno Pad that they are now called a “Writing Pad” and not a Steno Pad. In the old days, they were always known as Steno Pads. They are even laid out the same way they always were with green paper and a red line through the middle. I assume the reason for the name change is that no one uses shorthand anymore. I doubt they still use Dictaphones either. Now days, the boss probably records his dictation on an mp3 recorder, or more likely his Smart Phone has an app for this.

I have always been mystified by short hand. It looks like it was derived from ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics. I remember the old Steno Pads had a short hand “Cheat Sheet” on the back cover probably for secretaries who forgot some of the more commonly used symbols. I also remember that the old Steno Pads had some kind of red coating on the ends so the tablet could be stood on end. The pads I have had over the years have no coating which adds credibility to my theory that short hand is rarely if ever used these days. This brings me to another one of my profound questions: What is the difference between a Pad" and a "Tablet"? Perhaps they are synonymous in definition.

Alas, yet another thing that has vanished from my childhood in this modern society. 😣


Sunday, May 20, 2018

It’s Official!

I attended my High School Annual Alumni Banquet last night. Since I am “kind of” part of the Alumni Committee because I keep the database and maintain the Facebook Alumni Group Page, I attend every year now. When I first attended my 5th year Alumni, I noticed a whole bunch “old people” whom I recognized very few of. Some were celebrating their 50th year! Well, the years have accelerated at light speed. Last night I was celebrating my 52nd year! I realized that I am officially part of the “Old people”!  Keeping the database of all our small school alumni is getting easier every year. Our Alumni stops at 1968 because in 1969, our school merged with the neighboring small town school and they built a new school. Since the youngest Alumni is now in their late 60’s, we are a shrinking organization. There are now only 637 of us left. The one good thing is that I am not the only “old person” there since all of us are officially “old people”. The final irony would be that if I turn out to be the last surviving member some day. The irony is that while in school, I never cared much for extra curricular activities such as sports, etc. and never had much "school spirit". Fortunately, over the years I have developed a high intensity "school spirit". I am actively involved in the Alumni functions and would rather hang around with my old High School friends than with my college, grad school, or Navy days friends. Rest assured, if I am the sole alumni survivor of my old school I will have the highest "school spirit" of any alumnus that ever lived! 😆


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A “Narrow” Minded View

During my almost 7 decades of life, I have noticed countless fashions come and go. For example, blue jeans go from tight to baggy and presently back to tight (of which my 1960’s come of age appreciates). Dress hemlines have risen and fallen. Suit lapels have gone from wide to narrow and back. One thing that has always puzzled me is that men’s ties have have gone from wide to a little less wide but never really narrow as they were in the 1960’s. Through the years I have been longing for narrow ties again because they are so much easier to tie especially with my arthritic  laden fingers. Unfortunately, ties have never reverted back to the very narrow 1960’s style. Very puzzling indeed. The irony is that since the present trend is more casual and not wearing ties, I rarely, if ever, wear a tie in church or other places. The only times I have worn a tie over the last few years is when I attend funerals. Therefore; for the present, it doesn’t matter if ties ever go back to narrow again since I so rarely wear one anyway. At least that’s one less thing for me to be concerned about for now. As to when basketball uniform shorts will ever go back to the old masculine short tight style and not look like culottes (ugh) as they presently do, is another matter entirely.
Bonus link! An old story from my website that is germane to this subject:

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

"Rushin'" to a Conclusion
My goodness! I just was checking the "Stats" section of my Blog and found some really strange information. I get a lot of views from Russia. I can't figure out why they would be interested on anything my Blog would say. I certainly never put anything on it that would give away any military secrets. I did have a Top Secret clearance when I was in the Navy, but that was so many decades ago, anything I would divulge now would be obsolete decades ago. Perhaps, they are amused by my "off the wall" humor and pragmatic  view of life.  It is nice to know that my profound insights are going world wide, HA! If they are reading this, I'm going to ask them their recommendation for a good Russian salad dressing. 😆